Terms and conditions

Conditions of Sale

  1. It is the responsibility of the person submitting the order to secure payment for goods.
  2. You may pay through (1) online bank transfer (2) cheque or (3) Paypal. Once payment is cleared, goods will be delivered by courier.
  3. You must flag any discrepancies or errors in shipments no later than 14 days from date of issue.
  4. To avoid incurring a charge for duplicate orders, purchase books online.  If you order by more than one method, you may be billed for postage costs for each order, and may be billed for multiple sets of goods.
  5. Allow extra time during busy periods for processing and shipping your order.
  6. In rare circumstances, books may be returned, subject to:
  • prior arrangement
  • purchase within the previous 6 weeks.
  • all in original unbroken boxes.
  • all returns are subject to a handling charge of 10%.