Dr. Suzanne Parkinson


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Dr. Suzanne Parkinson



Developmental & Educational Psychologist, C. Psychol., Ps.SI.
B.Ed., B.Sc., M.Sc. in Developmental & Educational Psychology, Ed.D. in Educational Psychology.

Suzanne started her career as a primary school teacher and worked in mainstream schools and as a shared remedial teacher for several years. She furthered her studies in Queen’s University training as an educational psychologist and worked in the Belfast Education and Library Board as an educational psychologist. She was the first educational psychologist appointed by the National Educational Psychology Service to County Clare and introduced school psychology services to twenty eight schools. She completed a Professional Doctorate in Educational Psychology and now works in teacher education. She is passionate about the application of psychology to teaching and learning environments.

Suzanne is involved in educational psychology nationally and internationally and held previous role as Chairperson of the Division of Educational Psychology with the Psychological Society of Ireland.